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Poly 44 Baskekball Back Board

Poly 44Poly 44 Baskekball Back BoardCosco

Product Code:  Poly 44

Brand:  Cosco

MRP 21500

Product Details

ABS + PC Impact Resistant Back Board


Product Specification

Material          ABS + PC Impact Resistant

Height (cm)  Adj. Height 7.5 ft to 10 ft. (227 to 305 cm)

RIM                  5/8" 16mm solid steel, black, 3 pcs of 3” (76mm) pole system,

Base          Vinyl heavy duty base with transport wheel can be filled with Water (supports Wt.upto 150 Kgs.) or Sand (supports Wt.upto 230 Kgs.)

Net Wt. (Kgs.)  34

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